Save Yourself from Locust Attack – Top 5 Things you Need – India 2020

An insect with a size of 1-2 inches is keeping the whole nation in trouble. While administrations figure out a way, you can save yourself from locust attack with these 5 Things mentioned in the article.

Why are we even bothered by some random insect? Because in India, the majority of our population depends on agriculture for livelihood.

They come together in swarm covering an area of 1-3 Kilometers. As per the study, a small swarm of locusts can eat food for as many as 2,500 people in a single day. For instance, here’s a picture that would give you an idea of how creepy they are:

swarm of locusts

locust swarm in india saving tree

While they are a curse to our beloved farmers, it can also affect your daily life. We all know insects are attracted to lights at night. So, it is definitely possible they would come inside your house and disturb your life.

It is better to be prepared as the swarm is migrating day by day.

So, here’s the list of top 5 things to save yourself from locusts:

1. Mosquito Net 

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I know the name says mosquito net, but you don’t want an insect on your bed while you’re sleeping. No matter how much you save locusts from coming inside your home, they will find a way.

Be on the safer side and buy one of the mosquito nets.

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2. Window Net

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window net to save from locust

Adding an extra layer of protection would definitely help. You can stay the whole day inside your mosquito net. If you want to save your house too, you need a window net. It will give you the freedom to open your window and don’t feel claustrophobic.

Nowadays, the window nets come with a sticker that can be removed.

Also, it will save you from mosquitos.

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3. Shade Net for Balcony and Crops

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garden shade net

If you have a garden or a balcony, the shade net is a must-have. As mentioned above the locusts feed on crops and leaves. Once you have this, your house will be fully protected by the locusts and bigger insects.

If you’re a farmer or know someone who is a farmer, this could really help.

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4. Door Sealer

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door sealer locust

Most of the insects including cockroaches come through the bottom of the door. If you seal them, it would save you from locusts too.

Hence, it is a good idea to keep our doors sealed.

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5. Raincoats

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raincoat to save from locust

This may seem funny but raincoats would actually save you while going out. There might be instances where you would have to go out to buy essentials.

If you don’t want to be creeped out by locusts, it would be a great idea to have a raincoat. Jackets would also do the work, but considering its’ summer in India, raincoats would be a better option.

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Though these locusts don’t attack humans, it is better to stay safe and save yourself from a locust attack.

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